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Bob Motown & Megan Lockhart x Serio Press "Donut Let Go"

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"Donut Let Go"
Bob Motown & Megan Lockhart
18" x 18"
Somerset Velvet 280 gsm
Regular Edition 75 - $100
Holographic edition 15 - $150

Bob Motown is an LA born and based illustrator and screen printer. He was a partner at Two Rabbits Studio, a full service print shop, between 2007 and 2012, but left to move to London where he solely focused on his individual art career. He is now back in LA, working a diverse range of creative projects. @bobmotown |

Megan Lockhart is an LA based illustrator, screen printer, and painter with a background in graphic design. She received a BFA in Printmaking from the University of North Texas, and has had ink in her blood ever since. @printmeggin |
Donut Let Go is a piece that was created while the couple were dealing with the recent death of our dear friend TS Claire. It describes how it feels to try to hang on to reality when it feels like life is flying quickly by, and circumstances feel completely out of one's control.The artwork follows both Bob and Megan's complimentary styles of brightly colored palettes and silly and surreal visual vocabulary to remind the viewer to have fun. It was printed on Somerset Velvet paper to enhance the softness of the colors, a perfect compliment to the matte inks used to print it.


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