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Serio Press is a Los Angeles based fine art print studio specializing in hand-pulled fine art serigraph editions in small, medium, and large formats. We take pride in our ability to work with the artist through all the steps of the process to manifest their creative goals and visions.

Serio Press Printmaker, Tony Clough, has 15 years experience working with artists, galleries, and publishers from all over the world, bringing their artistic visions to life.

Our studio is honored to showcase artists that we publish through our studio. Our vision is to keep pushing the medium of serigraphy in innovative and exciting ways.

We also have limited availability for contract services. If you are interested in hiring us for your next print project, please click here to submit your edition specifics and receive a quote.


Dale Chihuly
Kelly Reemtsen
Shepard Fairey
Audrey Kawasaki
Ronald Jackson
Carlos Rodriguez
Kour Pour
Hiejin Yoo
David Heo
Jillian Evelyn
Sean Norvet
Cleon Peterson
Friedrich Kunath
Tristan Eaton
Glenn Kaino
Space Invader
Gajin Fujita
Frank Romero
Ben Eine
John Van Hamersveld
Jim Morphesis
Mark Dean Veca
Sage Vaughn
James Goldcrown
...and many others.

Limited Edition Serigraphy

We specialize in small, medium, and large format hand pulled silkscreen printing on paper, wood, metal, and almost any other flat substrate .

Digital Color Separation

Silkscreen printing is a spot color process, meaning there is only one color printed at a time using a stencil. Before you can print film to be used to make your stencils, each color has to be separated out of the artwork. If you do not already have colors separated for your art, we offer color separations services. Our separator has extensive experience color mixing and separating colors for print and will work with you to achieve the best results for printing.

Film Transparency Output

The film/transparency is what is used to expose the screen in order to make the stencil needed to print. Our transparency output is 44″ wide and up to about 90″ in length. Our film is printed using UV blocking film opaque ink. It is durable, waterproof, and practically scratch resistant.