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Sunset Nov. 26, 2017 by Tony Clough

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This serigraph edition is an early study in what I’ve been calling duality printing. It’s a process in which all colors are printed simultaneously, in one pull. Most serigraph printing is executed by printing one color at a time- each color printed separately- and typically on separate screens. All four colors in Sunset Nov. 26, 2017 were printed using only a rectangle stencil on one screen, and no other color separations.

This is the first instance I incorporated motion into my printing concept, creating a brief narrative that spans across all the prints in the edition. Each print in the edition is signed, numbered and titled with the time it represents (hh:mm:ss) during the sunset of November 26,2017. The marked time starts at 4:40:23 pm and ends at 4:43:51 pm,  just before the actual sunset that occurred.

Each of the prints is slightly different- as the sun moves and the waves change. Prints will be processed in order of purchase: with the first person to order receiving number 1/17 (with the sun at it’s highest point), and the last person to order receiving number 17/17 (just before sunset).

I have to try and squeeze in what I can of my own work in the small amount of time I get between contract editions for other artists. After spending most of my time striving for perfection in serigraph editions for others, I like to try and do things differently for my personal work- to exploit the process however I can. I balance out the pressure involved with constantly printing other artists’ work by bending and breaking the normal rules of printing.

-Tony Clough

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