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Andres Zavala x 3 Sheets Editions “Foreign Reality”

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Andres Zavala’s practice involves using varied printmaking techniques, drawings, and photographs to create accentuated imagery of his urban lifestyle, and to document the social constraints and conditions of the Los Angeles landscape and other gentrified areas. He is greatly inspired by weathered objects and continuous changes in architecture. His work is an attempt to preserve these interesting circumstances.

Foreign Reality is a mixed media print, hand printed by Zavala. The first two colors were printed using reductive woodblock technique, using the natural wood grain and hand carving to create texture and lyrical lines (right). The remaining four colors were printed using serigraphy techniques, using photographs of buildings that Zavala captured from a trip to Mexico (top left) and his home neighborhood of Boyle Heights (bottom left). The composition highlights the similarities between two buildings found in separate geographic locations, yet share a common story.


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