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120 Horizontal Stripes in Slightly Different Colors


Artist: Tony Clough

16" x 20"
Serigraph (120 Colors)
Coventry Rag 320gsm
Straight Cut Edges
Edition of 40


120 silkscreened layers create one large gradient in this experimental edition by Serio Press master printer Tony Clough.

This was our first attempt in what we call the "continuous printing process." Only one stencil is used, and that stencil is printed repeatedly while moving the paper laterally under the screen between each color.

Every time the paper is moved, a small amount of a different ink color is added to the screen. This shifts the color gradually over time. The entire edition is completed in one printing session, without stopping to let prints dry, or to clean up and switch colors.

The gap you notice between some colors is caused by placing an item under the screen during printing that results in a portion of the screen being raised (ie: a bump). This bump creates a slight curve in the lines, and the bump was moved throughout the printing process to create an element of motion throughout the edition and ensures each resulting print is unique.

By limiting ourselves to a single stencil and a continuous workflow, while giving less credence to traditional considerations such as registration, we're able to approach the printmaking process from a new perspective and apply what we learn to future editions.

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