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Returning Again


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Artist: Lily Wong

28″ x 22.5
Hand-pulled serigraph

23 colors
Coventry rag 290gsm
Deckled edges
Edition of 40

From the Artist:

This painting is an expansion on an earlier version of this image (Returning, on and on) in which the body functions as a portal -- the arched backs of each figure form individual entryways and when layered together with the sun, the bodies come together to compositionally create a sort of loose spiral.

With this painting, I was considering the emotional and spiritual journey through that portal and what view might look like from the other side. 

From the studio:

After visiting Lily’s Brooklyn studio, we were struck by how vivid her colors were in person. The color in her paintings seemed to have its own pulse, and we wanted the print to have that same feeling of life. Using 23 layers of diffusion dither and a florescent foundation, the artist's first silkscreen glows like a portal to an unknown place, foreign and familiar.

Artist Bio:

Lily Wong (b. 1989 Seattle, USA) is a figurative painter whose work taps into the vulnerabilities and complexities of yearning. Personal and poetic, the protagonists in her work are made of experiences that extend beyond the physical. Her deliberately warped spaces invite audiences to engage in previously unknown, yet familiar, territories. Color is its own character, a pulse in the circulatory system of the painting which is often a map of something beyond the depictive.

Recent exhibitions include Lyles & King (N.Y.), Jeffrey Deitch (N.Y. & L.A.), and Various Small Vires (L.A.)

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