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It's a love / hate relationship (pink/teal)


Artist: Jillian Evelyn

18″ x 24″
Hand-pulled serigraph

Coventry rag 290gsm
Deckled edges
Edition of 75

From the Artist:

It's a love / hate relationship playfully depicts the dual relationship that comes with having breasts. The figure stands proudly with their chest erect while simultaneously trying to smash one breast down. It’s a complicated relationship that’s entangled in a web of societal expectations, sexuality, and physical experience. 

From the studio:

Jillian Evelyn's work often consists of solid, flat shades of color that come together to simulate the subjects in her pieces. While this may seem pretty straight forward to print, it can actually be quite difficult to execute. There is almost zero leeway for mistakes in large, due to the lack of texture or visual noise in the artwork. Sometimes the seemingly simple pieces can be the hardest to recreate.

Color opacity plays a big part in creating color separations and determining the printing order. For every edition we print, we have to plan ahead of time the order in which each color is printed. Because of the high contrast of colors between these two color ways, these editions had to be printed completely separately, with entirely different separations and color orders. Even though the artwork is the same, they are technically two independent prints.

Artist Bio:

Jillian Evelyn’s paintings combine the contorted female figure with graphic shapes and a limited color palette. Her work explores the struggle of womanhood and the anxiety that arises from societal expectations. 

Jillian studied illustration at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.
After graduating, she worked as a footwear designer for several years before moving to California to pursue her career as a full time painter.

Jillian lives in Los Angeles with her pug Olie.

Jillian Evelyn website      |      Jillian Evelyn ig

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