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Displayed But Not Seen: A Prologue of Johnnie Mae King Hand-Painted Multiples


Artist: Ronald Jackson

28″ x 32.75″
Hand-pulled serigraph

20 colors
Coventry Rag 290gsm
Deckled edges
Edition of 30

This series of 30 hand-painted multiples (HPM's) by artist Ronald Jackson explores the many possibilities of "Aunt Johnnie." Each HPM is unique; showcasing different interpretations of Ronald's character "Johnnie Mae King." 

Due to the fact that these prints have been extensively painted on, small imperfections in the paper may be present.

From the studio:

Serio Press is proud to present Ronald Jackson's first serigraph edition. Made up of 20 hand-pulled layers, the medium allows for bold, graphic shapes and vibrant colors.

The process is particularly well suited to Jackson's style, as it allows him to build up layers of color and texture, resulting in a multi-dimensional surface, much like the characters that adorn Ronald's paintings.

From the artist:

Johnnie Mae King, also known as “Aunt Johnnie”, embodies a shift in my artistic practice towards creating immersive and imaginative narratives. As a character, she serves as a personified muse of ideas and stories that I seek to explore as an artist. By viewing the world through her perspective, I contemplate the emotions and experiences that she may have encountered in the past, present, or future.

My aim is to move observers of visual art towards a deeper engagement with creative storytelling. With Johnnie Mae King, I aim to entertain and inspire, inviting viewers to join me in the exploration of her unique and captivating universe.

Artist Bio:

Ronald studied architecture at Saddleback College and served over 21 years in the US Army, before pursuing a career as an artist, from which he now lives and works out of Fredericksburg VA.

He uses portraits and figurative works as a way of engaging the intimate stories and unique experiences of African Americans from the recent past. With faces often partially concealed behind masks, Jackson suggests that there are stories to be discovered, unique experiences to be uncovered, and the presence of universal humanity demanding to be acknowledged.

Through his work, Ronald seeks to inspire self-discovery, value, and significance among people, while also inviting viewers to value the humanity of people from various backgrounds and belief systems. 

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