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Western Sunset in 28 Horizontal Stripes


Artist: Tony Clough

30″ x 30″
Serigraph (28 Colors)
Arches 88 350gsm
Straight Cut Edges
Edition of 20


All proceeds were donated to the National Bail Fund Network Emergency Response Fund at

This print is the second exploration in a continuous printing technique. A large amount of colors were printed consecutively without stopping to clean up. In serigraphy, cleanup is usually done between every individual color. 

In the continuous printing process, there is only one stencil used, and that stencil is printed repeatedly while moving the paper laterally under the screen between each color. Every time the paper is moved, a small amount of a different color ink is added to the screen. This shifts the color gradually over time. The entire edition is completed in one printing session, without stopping to let prints dry, or to clean up and switch colors.

Western Sunset in 28 Horizontal Stripes is a representational piece that uses the same process as 120 Horizontal Stripes in Slightly Different Colors, but on a much larger scale.

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