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Tiger Prowling in the Moonlight


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Artist: Kour Pour

21″ x 30″
Hand-pulled serigraph

9 colors (including 1 block printed textural layer)
Coventry Rag 290gsm
Deckled edges
Edition of 33

From the studio:

This image took on many forms before it became the print that it is today. It began as a hand carved sheet of linoleum which was used by Kour to create a 1/1 block print. That beautifully textured block print then served as the template for this edition. In order to faithfully honor Kour’s process we knew we had to emulate that texture in our edition as well.

After several tests, we began by block printing the background color (tan) in a way that left rolling mounds of ink. The block induced texture served as a platform for the serigraph layers to sit upon, imparting the entire image with a leather-like tactile effect.

From the artist:

The tiger image in this edition print was taken from a scroll that was attributed to the 13th-Century Chinese artist Muqi when it entered The Met collection in 1912.

However, the work is most likely not by his hand, as this tiger reflects stylistic elements found in Korean and Japanese examples of tiger painting. Determining the nationality of a tiger painting can be difficult due to the long history of the animal in East Asian paintings.

In my work, I reference artworks and images from global art history to highlight their cross-cultural backgrounds and build on those traditions by mixing additional elements to create new forms and histories. In my version of the painting, I have added a full moon to the landscape and rendered the image in a rainbow palette referring to the pop art movement.

Artist Bio:

Kour Pour is a British-Iranian-American artist whose visual language is informed by longstanding, global traditions of intercultural exchange. By intersecting a wide range of material and aesthetic conventions that are connected to various geographic, cultural, and national heritages, Pour allows for a remapping of the standard understanding of “Eastern/Western” cultural exchange.

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