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Eastern Sunrise in 28 Stripes


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Artist: Tony Clough

16.5″ x 28.5″
Serigraph (28 Colors)
Coventry Rag 290gsm
Straight Cut Edges
Edition of 50


Using only one stencil repeated many times, a stripe is shifted continuously across the sheet while slightly changing the color each time to simulate distance, space, and environment. Guided by a love for technical perfection, experimentation, and intuition, Tony uses this process to let the image come together partially on its own. Normally each color is printed individually, but here, the color is altered just enough for a new tone with every movement of the paper, so that the change is continuous and gradual. The final piece is not fully planned out before its execution leaving space for an element of surprise as the piece progresses and then gets finished.

The edition "Eastern Sunrise" (2021/22) is characteristic of his working method, in which he masterfully succeeds in achieving a flowing color gradient with a total of 28 horizontal stripes: In a single printing process, this abstract and clear image of a sunrise is created - seen from a beach looking across the sea.

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