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Artist: Audrey Kawasaki

20″ x 20″
Hand-pulled serigraph

6 colors 
Coventry rag 290gsm
Deckled edges
Edition of 500 signed & numbered by Audrey

From the Artist:

While working on “Sorcerous” I was inspired by vintage posters and their simple yet bold color choices. Green skin color isn’t something I would have normally chosen, but I thought it fitting for this piece. The bright salmon pink as well. According to the Met Museum, Medusa “represents a dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats; an image of evil to repel evil.” To me she radiates strong female energy and power; there is allure, seduction, temptation and desire.

Last year my family and I moved to England. We recently took my young daughter to the local aquarium, and there, we found a great big Medusa sculpture with glowing eyes. You had to walk by it to continue onwards, and at first my daughter was afraid of her, and would run away. However, she kept going back to see the sculpture again. It reminded me of when I was a child, and being afraid but also drawn to scary/creepy/eerie creatures from myths & legends. A push & pull sort of feeling. I continue to have a strange fascination with mysterious stories and supernatural beliefs, and find comfort in being immersed in it.

From the studio:

Our second serigraph with Audrey Kawasaki furthers her pursuit into traditional graphic elements and bold colors - a departure from Audrey's more fluid paintings that utilize a much wider gamut of colors built up in meticulous layers of oil paint. Similar to our first edition, an original graphite drawing created with this edition in mind served as the basis for the artwork. Four layers of transparent black starting at 20% opacity and working darker recreate the delicate pencil markings of the artist.

Artist Bio:

Kawasaki’s art explores contrary themes of innocence and eroticism and is concerned with the mysterious intrigue of female sensuality. She often paints on wooden panels, whose natural grain lends the works a mysterious atmosphere and depth. The painter’s creative influences include both Eastern and Western traditions, ranging from Art Nouveau to Japanese manga. Her melancholic portraits of women regularly cover the front pages of magazines worldwide and have been featured in numerous publications.


Audrey Kawasaki website | Audrey Kawasaki IG

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