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Self-Portrait as the Re-Animator


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Artist: Sean Norvet

24″ x 30″
Hand-pulled serigraph
20 colors with gloss varnish
Coventry Rag 290gsm
Deckled edges
Edition of 60

From the Artist:
This piece is a continued exploration between harmony and tension. An arrangement of seemingly unrelated elements/objects sharing space together to create their own narrative. 

From the studio:
This twenty color reproduction of Norvet's oil painting uses a digital color separation method called diffusion dither for each color. Unlike halftone dot patterns, diffusion does not use a structured pattern to simulate changes in value. Using dither to process the image and layering transparent colors to build the print edition can yield fantastic results since the color separations are adjusted in real time, as opposed to being pre-determined at the beginning of the project.

Artist Bio:
Sean Norvet is an Artist based in Los Angeles, California. His artwork is an arrangement of particularly balanced sequences, designed to evoke both still life and figural representation. While mainly working in the classical medium of oil paint, he also draws inspiration from the chaotic digital and print information overload of the current age. His work seems to relax, improbably in chaos, and discover arrangements that become cohesive, even sensible, even when they are unlikely.  

His work has been shown through various fairs, group exhibitions, and solo exhibitions worldwide.

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