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A Highway Singer-Song Writer


Artist: Hiejin Yoo

30″ x 28″
Hand-pulled serigraph
20 colors
Arches 88 350gsm
Straight cut edges
Edition of 50

From the Artist:
Living in Los Angeles, we all spend a lot of time in traffic. And I was thinking, "How do I enjoy my driving time more?  That's my precious time in the day." I was thinking about what other drivers do when I open the window and look at traffic. You can hear what kind of songs they listen to, whether they're talking about it or fighting about it.
I'm not a good singer so I don't sing in front of anyone, but when I'm in my car I can do it by myself. I titled this piece Highway Singer-Song Writer because I made up my own song and am just enjoying my traffic time while heading home. That's what I wanted to say in this painting. The highway could be my flute so that I can play it, and if the flow goes well I can drive fast. If it doesn't really play well then the traffic becomes stop-and-go.

From the studio:
This print began with CCMY diffusion dither base, which is excellent for breaking down a complex painting into individual color layers. In order to recreate the subtle shifts in between blues, greens and whites, each new color layer was created directly before it was printed. It's a more common practice to do all of the color separations at once before starting the first color. It really was a pleasure to work on this beautiful painting and try to do it justice within the serigraphy process.

Artist Bio:

My work is based on daily observations that I record first in diary form and then translate into large, semi-figurative oil paintings on canvas. Mundane events and everyday moments are depicted with large abstracted planes of color and bold, layered marks that evoke the subjectivity of my inner life. These instances and memories are cropped and arranged to focus on specific reflections that have been strongly etched into my consciousness. These moments are recorded and relived through painting, the result of which are works that reflect my personal history, and act as intimate journals and meditations on self-discovery.

Hiejin Yoo has exhibited internationally at galleries such as Half, Blum & Poe, Almine Rech, Paul Kasmin, Woaw, & Nino Mier.


Hiejin Yoo web      |      Hiejin Yoo ig

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