Tony Clough
Sofa #02

14″ x 10″
Desaturation Serigraph (4 Colors)
Coventry Rag 290
Straight Cut Edges
Edition of 5
(each print in this edition is slightly unique)


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More About This Edition

This desaturation printing method uses only one stencil (a rectangular field) and there are four separate colors printed individually. In this case, it uses the process colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Before each color is printed, graphite is used to draw loose line work  into the screen. Water is then brushed onto the screen in the areas that are intended to be desaturated. When the ink is flooded and printed, the water dilutes those portions it was brushed into, lightening the value. Each print in this edition is unique, as shown in the progressive image above.

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