Retna Print for Art Alliance: Provocateurs

Hustled to get this Retna print done for the Art Alliance: Provocateurs show in Chicago. It’s always a pleasure to have some Retna work come through here, great guy and great fun to work with!  

Space Invader Serigraph for Art Alliance: Provocateurs

Space Invader serigraph prints may look simple but surprisingly, the ones that seem simple can be some of the most difficult prints to keep perfect. These Space Invader serigraph prints were done for the Art Alliance: The Provocateurs show in Chicago. It’s five colors, printed on Coventry Rag 100% cotton

Baron Von Fancy “This Must Be The Place”

The latest print by renowned New York artist Baron Von Fancy for Ochi Gallery out in Ketchum, Idaho. It’s always a pleasure to work with these people! Check them out here:  

Glenn Kaino Serigraph Edition for Kavi Gupta Chicago

We had an exciting week working on a Glenn Kaino serigraph edition for his upcoming show at Kavi Gupta in Chicago. We had the plans for the controversial 3-D printed gun a six color split fountain and some direction from one of the funnest artists out there to work with.

Cleon Peterson “Masters Of War” Serigraph

Just finished two awesome print editions! Cleon Peterson’s Masters of War are on sale on his website here. It comes in two color ways, gold and silver on the beautiful Arches Black 250gsm. These are going to move quickly so make sure you get in early.  

Saber Print “Colores Para Siempre”

New Saber print edition! “These prints were inspired by a photograph that I took inside the banks of the Los Angeles river. I stumbled upon that particular image in the LA river and it was basically a representation of the post “War On Graffiti” era. So we’re dealing with the

JonOne Serigraph Editions for Castanier Gallery

Finished up a new JonOne project! Used as a foundation for HPMs, we’ve recently completed a few serigraph editions for Castanier Gallery’s JonOne show West Side Stories. Every one of these turns into a hand painted multiple by the time the artist is done. They’re tons of fun to look

Speedy Graphito Hand Painted Mixed Media Prints

Gotta love working with Speedy Graphito, the guy’s a maniac when it comes to getting work done. He always brings some serious talent and passion to each project. All of these massive sheets were hand painted in different ways to build up the background.

Mear One “False Profits”

Fresh off the table, Mear One just finished an edition here released by 1xRUN. There’s a killer gold foil variation in a smaller edition available as well. These ones are moving quickly, make sure to check them out here!  

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