Kozyndan Bunny Skull Serigraph Print Edition

The first Kozyndan print I worked on was Uprisings, the homage to The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Then there was Bunny Blossom, a larger one that was printed entirely in metallics. Now here is the Kozyndan Bunny Skull, a glow-in-the-dark print on black paper waiting to hang in your room

Serio Printzza: Rest Easy by Philip Lumbang

Here comes the second Serio Printzza, a print by Philip Lumbang titled Rest Easy. Forget about framing, these ship ready to hang! Only $50 for the standard version in an edition of 40 and $75 for the hand painted version in an edition of 10. Half of Serio Press proceeds

Mear One Edition Freedom for Humanity for 1xRun

We’ve got another edition by Mear One titled Freedom for Humanity releasing on 1xRun. This 14 color print will match the print size and image size of the last one, False Profits. It looks like this is turning into a series or editions from Mear. It comes in two versions,

Cleon Peterson Judgement 9 Print Suite

We’ve just finished Cleon Peterson Judgement a huge 9 print suite by. It measures 6 feet by 6 feet when tiled together a must have for anyone with a wall large enough to hang it as one piece. That is, unless you’re fine with breaking it into 3 smaller triptychs

Farewell to Richard Duardo

A personal friend and a great teacher for art and printmaking has passed away. There will be many memories that stick with all of us from good times through tough times. Richard Duardo was a mentor to many of us and always supported the arts in any way he could.

Revok 4 Print Suite for Library Street Collective

It’s not every day that we get to have this much fun with an artist like Revok, although it is pretty much what we constantly do, just not every single day. This was quite a project, 36″ x 36″, 4 color ways, tons of giant split fountains and way too

Luis Garcia: Self Help Graphics Dia de los Muertos Print

We just recently completed the annual print for Self Help Graphics’ Dia de los Muertos celebration. Artist Luis Garcia nailed it, hand painting all the separations for this beautiful 14 color serigraph. Imagine what will be coming from this guy in the future considering this was hiw first ever silkscreen

Friedrich Kunath Serigraph Edition

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation other than it’s a Friedrich Kunath serigraph edition and it’s hand painted with one color printed on top. It’s certainly always a pleasure to work with this guy. This mixed media print edition was hand painted with airbrush for the sunset and

Nudie Jeans Floor Graphics

Nudie Jeans Los Angeles, the only Nudie Jeans physical location in North America, just had a remodel done and I got to print their floor graphics during the remodel. It’s amazing how challenging these things can be when you haven’t done anything like it before. The result was fantastic, something

Hello Kitty Show at the Japanese American Museum Los Angeles

We’ve all been seeing and hearing about the giant Hello Kitty history show coming to Los Angeles as well as the huge convention coming up. Here at Serio Press we managed to get in on the action a bit by printing some wood display panels for the show at the

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