Interactive Artist Ty Bowman’s Arduino Self Portrait

Ty Bowman develops interactive art mostly on the Android platform. In the early stages some resemble modern psychedelic versions of those classic screen savers we all remember from the early days of personal computers. This self portrait was taken as a still from some video captured through a webcam. The

T.S. Claire x Serio Press “Vaya” Tryptich

In loving memory of TS Claire 1984-2016 T.S. Claire was a self-taught Los Angeles painter who was always a strong voice for female empowerment and equality. She specialized in painting the female portrait, and the women she painted possess an independent and incredibly powerful inner strength. They are modern icons

Haunted Euth and TS Claire x Serio Press TMRWLND Issue 3

Edition: 50, 5 HPM A/P, 5 HPM P/P 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ 13 Color Serigraph Zine 24 pages Cover: Astrobright Cover Celestial Blue 65lb. Inside: Springhill Opaque Tan 60lb. Editions #1-25 EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE AVAILABLE NOW Editions #26-50: Sunday, October 25th, 2015 at IE Zine Fest TMRWLND, spoken as “Tomorrow

El Mac Print Edition “Los Campesinos”

I’m sure there have been a good amount of people out there waiting for a while to see what El Mac print edition would be coming up next and it’s finally here! Releasing on The Desert Soul website is the latest print by El Mac titled “Los Campesinos,” we’re proud

Coop Print Edition Memento Mori

Fresh off the printing table comes another masterful Coop print edition titled Memento Mori. We’ve got metallic silver and glow in the dark ink in this one, check out his online store here and get one before they’re all gone!      

Serio Press Short

We had some visitors, Eric Reeve and Sonja Porzadek shoot a short video here at Serio Press and just got the final cut. Check it out! It’s an accurate representation of the way every day goes here, it’s like magic. Serio Press Fine Art Editions from Eric Reeve on Vimeo.

Risk Print Edition “Old Faithful” for 1xRun

Los Angeles graffiti legend Risk’s new book “Old Habits Die Hard” is releasing at 1xRun today, check out the Risk print edition we printed here that’s going to be released along with the book! There will be a standard edition recreation of his original painting and there will be a

Coop Print Edition “The Writer”

New Coop Print! The preorder period is over when this releases, we just finished a one color Coop print edition named “The Writer.” Make sure you get over there to grab one early if you’re going to! Get them here! Coop (real name Chris Cooper) is a hot rod artist working from Los Angeles. He

Risk Print Edition for Ink n’ Iron in Long Beach CA

Risk print edition coming out soon! It’s been awesome having him back in herefor another project, we just finished some Risk print editions for the tattoo/music festival Ink n’ Iron in Long Beach on June 12th, 13th and 14th! Tons of colors ways, I have a few shots of some

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