Cleon Peterson serigraph series Monuments to Power

Just finished Cleon Peterson Serigraph series of three print editions called Monuments to Power. Each edition depicts a different monument, one to the law, one to the leader, and one to the oppressor. Go grab them before they’re gone here at his online store! Also be sure to check out

Sunset Nov. 26, 2017 by Tony Clough

This serigraph edition is an early study in what I’ve been calling duality printing. It’s a process in which all colors are printed simultaneously, in one pull. Most serigraph printing is executed by printing one color at a time- each color printed separately- and typically on separate screens. All four colors in Sunset Nov. 26, 2017 were printed using

Shepard Fairey Lenin Stamp 2018

Shepard Fairey Lenin Stamp Edition. As we’ve been moving towards larger and larger format serigraph editions here, we’ve been appreciating these types of jobs coming in. It’s not the largest we can print but it’s still fun to have a bit of a challenge. It’s always exciting to work with

Andres Zavala x 3 Sheets Editions “Foreign Reality”

3 Sheets Editions: 1 Fine Art Print + 1 Certificate of Authenticity + 1 Custom Drink Recipe GET IT HERE! Available now! Foreign Reality 22″ x 29″ 4 Color Serigraph, 2 Color Woodblock Print Magnani Pescia 300gsm Edition: 44 Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Andres Zavala’s practice involves using varied printmaking

Joseph P. Gerges x 3 Sheets Editions “Requiem”

Joseph P. Gerges “Requiem” Available here now! 3 Sheets Editions: 1 Fine Art Print + 1 Certificate of Authenticity + 1 Custom Drink Recipe The second 3 Sheets Editions release is a 14 color serigraph. Printing this many colors on the smooth surface of the Sirio Ultra Black paper gave

Ryan McIntosh x 3 Sheets Editions “This Too Shall Soon Pass”

Available now at 3 Sheets Editions: 1 Fine Art Print + 1 Certificate of Authenticity + 1 Custom Drink Recipe This Too Shall Soon Pass is the inaugural print release for our new publishing program 3 Sheets Editions. With each project, we aim to invent new ideas by exploiting aspects

Elena Stonaker x Serio Press to help support Standing Rock

Serio Press in collaboration with Elena Stonaker present two new prints available now in our Shop. One hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council to provide necessary care for the heroic water protectors—an especially important task given the approaching winter and the increase in

Bob Motown & Megan Lockhart x Serio Press “Donut Let Go”

“Donut Let Go” Bob Motown & Megan Lockhart 18″ x 18″ Somerset Velvet 280 gsm Regular Edition 75 – $100 Holographic edition 15 – $150 Bob Motown is an LA born and based illustrator and screen printer. He was a partner at Two Rabbits Studio, a full service print shop,

Cleon Peterson Edition “Into the Sun”

We’ve just finished two editions for Cleon Peterson titled Into the Sun releasing on June 2nd at his online store here. Make sure to get in early, these prints go fast! The photo here shows on of the two colors ways that will be available at release. Go check them

Alexandre Cornet Edition Signing

Alexandre Cornet just recently came and signed an edition based on a drawing of Lima, Peru where he currently lives. We got a few photos of the signing session and these images really are worth a thousand words. Alexandre’s drawings seem to tell a thousand stories in each scene he

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