Saber Print “Colores Para Siempre”


New Saber print edition! “These prints were inspired by a photograph that I took inside the banks of the Los Angeles river. I stumbled upon that particular image in the LA river and it was basically a representation of the post “War On Graffiti” era. So we’re dealing with the aftermath of the billions of dollars that have been spent on removing graffiti art. There is literally a billion dollar project that’s going down in the LA river. Basically everything is summed up with this photo in the sense that you have this buff that has been crumbled off of these old pieces and what’s left is this little glimpse of that piece of history.” – Saber

For release with 1xRUN, Saber came in and tore it up with a new stunning print Colores Para Siempre. To try and simulate the feeling of a buffed wall we printed the beige about 8 times building up a layer of ink that you can feel while running your fingers across the surface. These are a must see (and touch) Saber print. Get a hold of one here at 1xRUN.