Roids Print Edition Palekaiko Serigraph


This Roids print, Palekaiko, was released today by 1xRUN. This 12 color print was a beast of a project with the deadline closing in as Pow Wow Hawaii drew closer and closer. There aren’t many left so make sure to drop by their site to check them out and get your signed and numbered print! They released a standard edition and a small portion of hand embellished Roids prints as well.

“The concept for this piece centered around the Hawaiian word Palekaiko (paradise) and the idea of people’s perception of the word. It was really driven by my excitement for having been invited to such an amazing place, and I tried to play a little with an aesthetic that was true to some of my preconceptions of the islands, perhaps fed a little by the cliche retro graphics you tend to see on t-shirts and postcards.” – Roids