The next Serio Printzza is coming on Thursday, March 19th! The charity will be Gauze for Paws.

Los Angeles artist Matthew Weinberg is next up for the Serio Printzza Series, a publishing program to raise money for the charity of the artist’s choice. there is no need for framing, these are printed on fine art birch panels and ship ready to hang. Each includes a small printzza box that holds the printed panel, a certificate of authenticity and a pizza print. Each of the standard edition of 40 will cost $50 and the hand painted edition of 10 will cost $75.

Half of Serio Press proceeds will go to Gause for Paws, a nonprofit helping to bring free and/or lower-cost veterinary services to Animal Rescues and Rescuers.

Standard Edition
Hand Painted Edition

Come back on Thursday March 19th at noon for the release!