Coop Print Edition Memento Mori

Fresh off the printing table comes another masterful Coop print edition titled Memento Mori. We’ve got metallic silver and glow in the dark ink in this one, check out his online store here and get one before they’re all gone!

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Serio Press Short

We had some visitors, Eric Reeve and Sonja Porzadek shoot a short video here at Serio Press and just got the final cut. Check it out! It’s an accurate representation of the way every day goes here, it’s like magic. Serio Press Fine Art Editions from Eric Reeve on Vimeo. Commercial for Serio Press

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Risk Print Edition “Old Faithful” for 1xRun

Los Angeles graffiti legend Risk’s new book “Old Habits Die Hard” is releasing at 1xRun today, check out the Risk print edition we printed here that’s going to be released along with the book! There will be a standard edition recreation of his original painting and there will be a smaller edition of hand painted […]

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Low Bros Serigraph Edition for Thinkspace

Working on a Low Bros serigraph edition for their upcoming show “Wasted Youth” at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City! Check out some of the progressive photos here and make sure you check out the show over there too!

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Coop Print Edition “The Writer”

The preorder period is over when this releases, we just finished a one color Coop print edition named “The Writer.” Make sure you get over there to grab one early if you’re going to! Get them here!

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Risk Print Edition for Ink n’ Iron in Long Beach CA

Just finished some Risk print editions for the tattoo/music festival Ink n’ Iron in Long Beach on June 12th, 13th and 14th! Tons of colors ways, I have a few shots of some below but you’ll have to get down there to see what they have onsite or get a hold of one through Buckshot […]

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DabsMyla Hand Painted Prints for The Core Club New York

Our work here is done as far as this Dabsmyla edition goes. They were spray painted before we printed them and now they will be hand painted again by the artists. You probably won’t be able to get your hands on any of these though as they’re going to be displayed at The Core Club […]

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Andrew Pasquella “USDA Politic”

Los Angeles artist Andrew Pasquella has come through with an edition that we’ve had a lot of fun with here. His past experiences in dealing with the USDA has had a bit of an influence on his art. Check his site out here!

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Kelly Reemtsen Mixed Media Etching/Serigraph Prints

It’s been a fun month so far here working on printing transparent colors over some large format etchings for Kelly Reemtsen, a fantastic local artist here in Los Angeles. We’re doing variations on three different etchings based on paintings by Kelly. After we’re done here each one gets hand painted before going out to galleries […]

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